Regulations and standards

Australian standards released

In July 2020 Standards Australia adopted eight international standards relating to hydrogen quality, storage, transportation and usage.

The Australian Hydrogen Council played a pivotal role in the initial planning for the development of these standards back in 2018 with Standards Australia and was closely involved throughout the process.

Now the international standards have been adopted as Australian standards, regulators need to implement them as a matter of priority.

The standards cover:

– safety aspects of hydrogen generators;

– the performance of stationary hydrogen generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications;

– the quality of hydrogen fuel for vehicular and stationary applications;

– the construction, safety and performance of systems to produce hydrogen by the electrolysis of water;

– design and safety features of systems to purify hydrogen to meet quality standards;

– design, construction and testing of portable hydrogen containers;

– design, manufacture and testing of tanks for hydrogen-powered vehicles;

– safety and testing of high pressure valves used in refuelling stations for hydrogen powered vehicles.

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